Sky-High Coffee Delight!

Join us at our lively cafe for a taste of adventure and the best brews by the runway. Your flight of flavour awaits!

Fresh, Local, Spectacular!

Airfield Eats

At Airfield Eats, we serve up fresh, locally-sourced dishes with a side of excitement. Every bite is a flavour trip, with the thrill of planes taking off and landing nearby.

Heavenly Cakes

Baked with Love

Our cakes are handcrafted delights, made by Catherine our local talented baker. Each crumb tells a story of care and passion. Perfect with our sky-high views and fresh brews.

Signature Sandwiches

Freshly Crafted Daily

Enjoy a bite of our sandwiches, stacked with the freshest ingredients. Theyʼre a perfect pick-me-up before watching planes soar or after a dayʼs adventure. Fresh from the Kitchen.

Artisan Coffee Blends

Brewed for You

Sip on our expertly crafted artisan coffee blends, each cup a masterpiece of flavour. Elevate your day with every rich, aromatic, satisfying sip from our local brewer, Arden Coffee.

Great find

Looking for a good breakfast before heading back to Sussex having been on holiday in the Peak District we stumbled upon the Aviator Cafe.
We received a very warm welcome and had a great breakfast, hard to fault!
Would definitely recommend and would return if we were in the area again.

Tina Chrisand – Bognor Regis uk

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